© 2019 by Jordan Pokorney 


I grew up in rural southeastern Minnesota and now happily reside in Chicago. Theatre gives us the opportunity to constructively confront our fears about surviving in the modern world, a bold act that leads to greater understanding, healing, and joy. I tend to be drawn to works that explore the nature of community, the consequences of history, and the human struggle for change. I strive to make theatre a epic, heightened experience through an emphasis on the performer's craft, symbolism, and music. My style of staging invites the audience to actively participate in the creation of the onstage universe by tapping into the depths of their imagination. At the very least, I believe we should always leave the theatre with a burning desire to look at the world around us more closely - whether we do so in wonder or critical scrutiny. Proud to hold a B.F.A. in Theatre Directing from Columbia College Chicago.